Pastor’s Weekly E-mail Message – September 21, 2014

Fall is back in swing.  Spark Sunday School began with a bang on September 14, talking about the cross of Jesus and making crosses.  Spark Sunday School is for children and youth ages 3 to 17/  Each week at 9 AM there is a combination of music, games, crafts, learning, and snack centered on a biblical story.  On Sunday, September 21, we begin a unit on Creation.  Be here and bring a friend!

Also on Sunday mornings at 9 AM, a small group Bible study for adults meets in the back of the worship space to study together the Gospel of Luke.

Worship focus for September 21:  Did you ever notice that it’s harder to forgive or show mercy to someone you detest or who has hurt us?  And yet, when we’ve been in the wrong, we want mercy in the worst kind of way.  Jonah and Jesus will have something to share with us on the topic of mercy this Sunday.  Maybe we can all learn to be a bit more merciful.

CROP Hunger Walk is coming on October 19!  The 2nd Annual Palisades CROP Walk along the Delaware Canal Towpath will begin at 12:30 PM with registration at St. Peter’s in Riegelsville.  There will be two walks – short at 1 mile, long at 6 miles – which will start at 1 PM.

This year the CROP Walk will partner with Church World Service to support the Riegelsville Meals on Wheels, the Lord’s Pantry, and hunger families around the world.  Pledge forms are available on Sunday mornings on the table by the coatrack.

Jill Williams has set up an online team for us.  Check it out, you can even donate online!  The address is:  There you can join the team or make a donation.  This year, the congregations of the Palisades Lutheran Cluster hope to raise $5000 to fight hunger!

Harvest Home Sunday, when we share food with our nearby hungry neighbors, is coming up on October 5.  Please shop for canned tuna, other canned meats and soup, canned fruits and vegetables, and bring them with you on Sunday mornings this fall.

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