Pastor’s Weekly Email Message – August 28, 2016

Calling all kids!  It’s back to school time!  God wants you to know that you will be cared for and guided throughout this new school year.  So, at ELC of Durham this Sunday, August 28, is Backpack Blessings Sunday.  Just bring your backpack with you to worship at 9:30 AM.  Our backpack Blessing theme for 2016-2017 is:  “The Greatest Commandment is Love.”  Students will receive Backpack Luggage Tags and parents will receive Blessing Sheets.  School is fun, scary, awesome, and tough.  But this special event this coming Sunday lets all our kids know that they are going back to school surrounded by God’s promises and the love of their parents and church.

Our summer worship schedule continues for two more Sundays, August 28 and September 4, with worship at 9:30 AM followed by Lemonade on the Lawn.  Now that the weather has finally cooled off, we’re probably going to move back upstairs to the sanctuary for worship.

Choir begins August 31!  Men and women and youth who are interested, please come at 6:00 PM for a time of snacks and fellowship.  Rehearsal begins at 6:30 PM. You don’t have to be a Curtis-education Diva – just like to sing.  We’ll be happy to welcome you, and we’ll continue to be amazed at what our Director, Carolyn Williams, can bring out of s.

September 11, 2016 – A big, big, big, big Sunday!  It is the official beginning of our fall ministry calendar.  It is also “God’s Work- Our Hands” – ELCA National Day of Service.  And we’re having a picnic!

Here’s the schedule for the day:

9:00 AM        Christian Education for kids, youth, and adults.  Sunday School kids will be crafting special appreciation cards to First Responders in our area (EMT’s, Firehouses, Ambulances, State Police).

10:30 AM     Worship – Volunteer Recognition – Recognition of First Responders

11:30 AM     Picnic – You bring side dishes like salad, fruit, or baked beans, or a dessert.  Church Council will provide everything else.  Dress casually and comfortably, because after the picnic we’ll provide several service opportunities for you.

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