Pastor’s Weekly Email Message for June 26, 2016

A spectacular Circus Spectacular VBS came to town here in Durham from June 13-16.  23 troupers attended, 8 youth and 16 adults were on the circus staff.  Pictures of the week are being displayed at the church an on our Facebook Page. $500 was given by our Vacation Bible School to the Red-Nose Campaign to help children in poverty.  The circus was fabulous and fun and faith-filled.  Thanks to all who participated in any way.

New Book of Faith small group Bible study got off the ground on June 19th.  We will gather after Lemonade on the Lawn each Summer Sunday from 11 AM to noon.  If you’d like to participate in Bible Study, but at a different time, please let me know.

FYI on staff vacations coming up:  Ann, our church secretary, will be away from June 25 to July 16.  I will be on vacation from July 6-13, so the Church Office will be closed during that time.  If you have an emergency, please contact our Council President, Barb Naska, at 610-721-0301.

Also, our Organist and Choir Director, Carolyn Williams, would like to extend a big Thank-You to the Choir for their undying dedication and for the beautiful hanging basket they gave her on Sunday.

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