Christian Education at 9 AM.  Worship at 10:30 AM.

through the end of April.
Click here on Sunday mornings at 10:30 for Devotions with Dave 
on Facebook Live.
Click here for Pastor Dave and WHIRL for kids, Tuesday mornings 
at 10 on Facebook Live!
A Family Activity sheet to go with the Sunday School
lesson will be posted on our Facebook page, and
can also be found here. 
Click here for the beautiful "Blessing for the Coronavirus 
Season" by Jess Powell
Click here to download this week's children's Coloring Page.
Click here to download this week's Children's Bulletin.
Be sure to check out our newly added pages "Coronovirus Resources 
for Kids" and "Adult Sunday School."

WELCOME to Evangelical Lutheran’s home on the web.  We are a community of faith, firmly rooted in the love of God through Jesus Christ.  We believe we are called to worship God in praise and thanksgiving, support each other in faith and fellowship, invite others to receive the joyous new life God offers to all, and care for the real human needs of our neighbors both near and far.


Evangelical Lutheran Church of Durham
Reverend David M. Deal, Pastor
PO Box 100 — 821 Durham Road —Durham, PA 18039
Church Office Phone:  610-346-8500
e-mail: [email protected]